Knicks Select Kostas Papanikolaou With 48th Pick

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After 2 hours and 51 minutes of less than exciting 2012 NBA draft, the Knicks decided to use their 48th pick to select Kostas Papanikolaou.  They lost their first round draft pick due to a trade with Houston 2 years ago where they received Tracy McGrady (don’t even get me started on him) to free up cap space for two max players.

Papanikolaou, a 21 yr. old, 6’8″, 230 pound forward, is a draft and stash player who has lots of energy and plays hard.  He’s not the greatest shooter but he loves to defend and play scrappy, willing to get on the floor.  He was a productive role player for the Greek National Team and the Euro powerhouse Olympiakos averaging around 7 points and 5 rebounds in his two seasons.  Although his stats don’t jump out at you, his maturity, size and defensive prowess make him very appealing.  He had a solid performance in the Euroleague Final Four in Istanbul connecting on all five of his 3 pointers and scoring a career high 18 points in the Euroleague final.

We definitely won’t see Papanikolaou for a couple of years since his contract with Olympiakos has two seasons left on it, but it does look like he has the talent to help the Knicks in the near future. It would be nice to have another player that can defend and drive to the hoop in an offense that passes around the perimeter too much.

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Coach Mike Woodson Signs On To Be The Coach Of The New York Knicks

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Is anyone surprised? If so, you clearly have not been paying attention to all the signs that have been put out into the NBA universe. Mike Wooson was given a 3 year extension earlier today. The Knicks GM, Glen Grunwald, even admitted the embarrassing fact that he had not been in contact with Phil Jackson. I respect and root for Grunwald as the leader of our front office, but this simply does not compute. There is nothing to lose by asking the best coach in the history of the NBA to coach your basketball team, but there is so much to gain. The Knicks opted instead to hand the postion to the interim head coach, which wasn’t a terrible decision as Mike Woodson did lead us to a 18-6 record after taking over. He is defensive minded, and will tell you over and over about how he “holds his players accountable.” The best thing about what the Knicks have done is that they added some stability to a team that has been anything but that. Through the past few seasons we have switched coaches, switched rosters, switched General Managers, and I think it’s a good time for some continuity. If Coach Woody can keep up his results, then I will keep on supporting him. 

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J.R Smith Arrested in Miami

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JR Smith was reportedly arrested Thursday night by the Miami Beach Police on a bench warrant for not having a valid drivers license.  This was issued last July after Smith failed to appear in court for the charges he committed last May for being without a valid drivers license.  Smith,26, had a major role for the Knicks this season after he signed a 2.5 million contract in mid-Februry where he averaged 12.5 points.  But he struggled in the first round matchup against the Miami Heat, shooting under 25% FG and 3pt.  Smith says that he would like to play again for the Knicks but there is no clear decision yet what will happen this summer

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Iman Shumpert Named To All Rookie First Team

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Two years in a row the Knicks made a somewhat surprising draft pick, and two years in a row it resulted in a All-Rookie First Team position for their rookie. Landry Fields made it last year after securing a spot in the starting line-up, and making a name for himself as a player who does all the little things. This year it was 
Shump who was announced to have made the team. The 6-5 guard played a key role in the much improved defense of The Knicks. He shut down many wing players throughout the season, and was relied on to guard the best scorer on the opposing team time after time. Shumpert tore his ACL in Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs against the Miami Heat, and will be out for 8-10 months. The Knicks only have a deep second round pick this year, so let’s hope that the front office can replicate the success of recent years. 

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Knicks Have Not Spoken To Phil Jackson

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CALL THE MAN ALREADY. I am not saying that Mike Woodson is not an answer to the Knicks Coaching situation. But he is only an answer. Phil Jackson is THE answer. He is the most successful head coach in the history of the NBA, and also the best in the business at turning scorers into team players (can you say Carmelo Anthony?). The triangle can work in New York, that’s not the reason they haven’t asked him to coach here. They are worried about two main issues. A) His health, which is none of their concern, it is his concern. If his body will not let him coach, then he would let The Knicks know, but don’t assume things. We all know what happens when one assumes. B) He would not fit in with the type of conduct James Dolan has decided is appropriate. Jackson likes to mess around with the media. He likes to be the “zen master.” That is what he does, and in my opinion you don’t try to mess around with what works. If Dolan thinks he can boss Phil Jackson around he has another thing coming to him. My biggest issue with James Dolan is not that he always has an opinion, but that his opinion is always wrong. Call Phil Jackson today, at 1-800-I-WIN-CHAMPIONSHIPS.  

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Knicks Rebound: Knicks lose to Heat – Season is over

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Final Score: NYK 94 MIA 106

1st quarter:  NYK 24 MIA

2nd quarter: NYK 23 MIA

3rd quarter: NYK 20 MIA

4th quarter: NYK 27 MIA

Opinion of the game:  This game clearly represented the Knicks poor performance throughout the playoffs.  There was a lack of desire to win, no hustle on defense, and just no extra intensity that is required in the playoffs.  When you are playing against arguably the best team in the NBA, you have to make the little adjustments to close someone out, commit yourself to taking a charge, making the extra effort to reach the help position, jump a little higher for the rebound. But there was none of this.  These were the most selfish games of the year for the Knicks – no passing just a one man game – this could definitely be attributed to a lack of a point guard  due to injuries in Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis, but these guys are professional basketball players.  They should know how and when to move the ball around to create the easier shot.  The offense was stagnant as ever – one pass, one shot while the Heat had easy basket after easy basket due to their superb ball movement. That is how your supposed to play the game of basketball.

Instead of giving a recap of this game, let me give you a recap of the playoffs:

JR Smith and Landry Fields.  With Iman Shumpert tearing his ACL in game 1 we had to rely on JR Smith and Landry Fields at the shooting guard position.  They not only did not carry out there job, but they probably made the Knicks worse than better.  I honestly can not understand  how JR Smith plays the game of basketball,.  He shoots 5-18 in game 3, 3-15 in game 4 and 3-15 in game 5 (combined 11-48 -23%) and from the 3 point line, he goes 5-28 through the whole series.  He can’t dribble, takes the most wild shots and plays the word perimeter defense.  My question is when a person is playing so badly, why does (what I thought to be smart guy) Mike Woodson play him for 30 minutes a game.  I know there aren’t may other options with Novak not even contributing due to the constant defensive pressure by the Heat, but if Smith is playing that badly there is no point of having him in.  Then Landry Fields who had his up and down moments in the playoffs, looked embarrassing to watch late in the fourth quarter tonight.  He could not convert on a play that I learned when I was 7 years old called a 3 on 2 fast break and just threw the ball away.

Tyson Chandler was also a huge disappointment in the playoffs. All his numbers were down from the regular season and last year playoffs.  I don’t care that he only averaged only 6 points a game or that his field goal percentage was 20 poitns lower (he’s taking under 5 attempts a game so it doesn’t make a difference) – what bugged me was what he came to the Knicks for – to play defense.  He did not show any of his Defensive Player of the Year skills, did not move over to the help position, committed stupid fouls and technical foul, and turned the ball over over 3 times a game.  He was supposed to intimidate James and Wade when they attacked the paint but most of time you saw Chandler just backing off from any challenge.   I don’t know if he still had flu like symptoms, but this was not the Tyson Chandler that we saw in the regular season.

Injuries- I don’t even need to explain how this hurt the Knicks team not only in the playoffs, but throughout the whole season and this made it impossible for the Knicks to develop any team chemistry.  Jeremy Lin – was out for the  whole playoffs due to recovering from torn meniscus surgery.  Jared Jeffries was limited to 5 minutes a game due to a sore knee.  Iman Shumpert tore his ACL in the first game.  Baron Davis torn his MCL, ACL in the 4th game, and Amare Stoudmrie punched the glass of a fire extinguisher and was out for game 3.  How can we even think about winning a series when half our team was inactive?

Now this brings me to my last point about Carmelo Anthony.  He went through a stretch in the regular season where he did not look like a superstar but once these injuries plagued the whole team, he stepped up his game on offense and to everyone surprise no the defensive end too.  He truly looked like a superstar and in the playoffs, he was unstoppable.  He had to virtually carry the whole team on his back.  There is only so much one player could do – scoring 35 points a game is great but we need a second scorer and I just felt really bad for him.  He worked his tail off this whole playoffs and it comes to another first round exit.  When Carmelo came to the Knicks, he wanted a new start and a chance to go far in the playoffs with Amare and a solid role team, but in the past 2 years we have seen so many problems that have prevented this.  Click here for box score.

The Knicks have a lot of work to do and hopefully with a full summer camp and the return of all the injured players, we could come back strong next year.

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Jeremy Lin out for Game 5

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Over the past week, there has been much speculation on when Lin is returning – Is he coming in the second round? or is he making an appearance in Game 5?  Everyone has been reading constant updates on Woodson’s and the medical staffs decision and now we finally have an answer to whether Lin will play game 5.  Mike Woodson said that, “he’s just not physically ready to play.”  Even if he was at 90%, I agree with this decision that the Knicks are making, since we want him to fully recover and not take any risks on reinjuring his knee.

Lin is also completely out of shape and to put all this pressure on him in a possible exit game is just too much.  He hasn’t scrimmaged since injuring and hasn’t work with the team so to insert him in this situation is very tough.

Mike Bibby is going to replace Baron Davis who tore his right patella, ACL and MCL.  He has played very solid in his limited minutes this playoffs and has started to get his three point shooting back especially in Game 4.

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